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USB-C to Serial - M10133 hwrev

The 3DR USB-C to Serial accessory helps you to establish a connection to a RS-232 interface through your USB port, really handy for those times when you are looking a rescue or debugging tool, and also easy to use since it's out-of-the-box compliant (5V power / 3.3V logic) with a lot of Autopilots and peripherals (GNSS, Airspeed, Barometers, etc) that can communicate through a UART/USART interface.


Graphical pinout diagram

Top view



Bottom view

usb-to-serial_pinout usb-to-serial_pinout


Electrical/MCU USB-to-Serial M10133
Input voltage 5V
VCCIO Operating voltage 1.62 - 3.63 V
Maximum current 3A
Output voltage 5V, 3.3V, selectable
Dimensions 35mm x 13 mm
Screw pattern X
Screw size M3 (3.2mm hole diameter)


  • Revision A

Quick Start

  1. Connect the connector to the respective serial port, make sure to verify that the pins match accordingly to what is shown on the label. Also figure out which power source is more convenient for your device, read Selecting power source for further information.
  2. Connect your USB C cable into your PC
  3. Have fun!


In case that you need to establish communication with your Autopilot, make sure to cross the right lines (TX with RX, RTS with CTS and DTR with DTS).

Port pinout tables

J1 Connector

Pin Color Signal TTL/Voltage Level
1 red VIO 5V (Default1)
2 black TXD 3V3
3 black RXD 3V3
4 black CTS 3V3
5 black RTS 3V3
6 black GND GND

J2 Connector

Pin Color Signal TTL/Voltage Level
1 red VIO 5V (Default1)
2 black DTR 3V3
3 black DSR 3V3
4 black DCD 3V3
5 black RI 3V3
6 black GND GND

Selecting power source


Pin 1 (VIO) voltage will have different power characteristics depending on user's selection, which can be set by manipulating the solder jumper pad located at the bottom. By default, power is provided by USB (5V), to select 3V3, the user needs to cut the trace and add a solder joint to 3V3 selection. Please take in account that it will provide 3V3 and up to 0.6A. The user can find a visual guide next to the solder joint. Where VIO is connected to any or the power selections (not both). To return to default settings, a solder joint should be connected back to 5V.




  • Windows 10/11 (32/64 bit, 64 bit) FTDI driver
  • Linux (already part of the main kernel)

  1. Please read Selecting power source for further information