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Stick Adapter Carrier Board - M10062hwrev

M10062 image

3D View


The ‘Stick’ carrier board loses a couple of JST-GH connectors compared to the reference design carrier to make it as slim as possible but still keeps the 0.1″ headers for PWM outputs and has the most popular ports such as GPS, TELEM1, TELEM2, POWER and both CAN.

• Dimensions: 79mm x 20.8mm [3.1in x 0.81in]
• Distance between holes: 65.6mm x 15.6mm [2.58in x 0.61in]
• Hole size: 2.6mm [0.1 in]
• Weight: 4.7g [0.17 oz] / 6.54g without pins [0.23 oz]

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