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GPS "Classic" M9N w/IST8308 - M10034 hwrev


Features the latest Taoglass Antenna tuned for GPS + GLONASS + Galileo constellations, which provide a higher gain compared to any of its predecessors (from 1.5dBi to 5dBi). iSentek IST8308 is a 3-axis digital magnetometer is an integrated chip with 3-axis magnetic sensors, digital control logic, built-in temperature compensation circuit and self-test function. IST8308 provides an I2C digital output with fast mode up to 400kHz. The high output data rate, ultra-low noise, ultra-low hysteresis and excellent temperature drift features make it a perfect candidate for high accuracy applications.

Module: NEO-M9N The NEO-M9N module is built on the robust u-blox M9 GNSS chip, which provides exceptional sensitivity and acquisition times for all L1 GNSS systems. The u-blox M9 standard precision GNSS platform, which delivers meter-level accuracy, succeeds the well-known u-blox M8 product range. NEO-M9N supports concurrent reception of four GNSS. The high number of visible satellites enables the receiver to select the best signals. This maximizes the position accuracy, in particular under challenging conditions such as in deep urban canyons

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Specifications mRo GPS u-Blox Neo-M9N – IST8308
Constellations USA (GPS), Russia(GLONASS), Europe (Galileo) & China (BeiDou).
Compass iSentek IST8308
Barometer No
RTK ready No
USB Port Yes
CAN ready No
Minimum and Maximum Operating Temperature -20 ~ 80 °C
Notify LED Yes (RGB)
Dimensions 40mm x 47mm
Weight 16.60 grams [.586 oz]
Mounting Holes M2.5 on a 33mm x 32mm
Case Optional
Connectors 6-Pins JST-GH
Auxiliary I2C Port
[Quality] and Typical Platforms -Multirotor
-Automatic Tractors
Other Features RGB LED driver integrated.
PPS pad for easy access.
*On-board safety switch.


Electrical Specifications mRo GPS u-Blox Neo-M9N – IST8308
Operating voltage 4.5 - 5.5V
Current draw (typical) 20mA
Current draw (burst) 40mA

3D Model


The mRo GPS u-Blox Neo-M9N Dual Compass IST8308 is compatible with the following firmware:


  • ArduCopter 4.x
  • ArduPlane 4.x
  • ArduRover 4.x


  • v1.11.0 and later

Normal Usage Guide

All connectors follow the Dronecode connector standard. Unless noted otherwise, all connectors are JST-GH.


I²C Port

Pin Color Signal TTL/Voltage Level
1 red VCC 5V
2 black I2C_SCL (pull-up on autopilot) 3V3
3 black I2C_SDA (pull-up on autopilot) 3V3
4 black GND N/A

GPS Port

Pin Color Signal TTL/Voltage Level
1 red VCC 5V
2 black RX 3V3
3 black TX 3V3
4 black I2C_SCL 3V3
5 black I2C_SDA 3V3
6 black GND N/A


UBlox GPS Configuration


Download 3D Model