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ZED-F9 RTK L1/L2 GPS - M10020 hwrev


The mRo ZED-F9 GPS is a high-performance device capable of using all constellations simultaneously, including the more precise L2 band, making it the most precise GPS available today.

ZED-F9 GPS from mRo also features a sophisticated proprietary RF stage, which delivers high gain and high noise immunity compared to passive antennas. It also uses less space and weight than most active antenna counterparts and eliminates signal loss caused by u.Fl/SMA antenna connectors and long cables.

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Specifications mRo ZED F9
Ground Plane 70mm x 70mm
Constellations GPS (L1/L2) Glonass (L1/L2) GalileoBeiDou
Compatibility**See full compatibility chart for supported flighstack versions No Compass
Compass No
Barometer No
RTK ready Yes
USB Port Yes (Type C)
CAN ready No
Minimum and Maximum Operating Temperature -20 ~ 80 °C
Dimensions 81.5mm x 70mm x 14mm
Weight 59.6 grams (2.1 oz)
Mounting Holes 3mm
Case Coming soon!
Connectors -6-Pin JST-GH (uBlox UART1 + I2C)
-6-Pin JST-GH (uBlox UART2)
Includes -1x mRo ZED F9
-2x 6-Pin JST-GH to 6-Pin JST-GH cables
Other Features Muti-Band: supporting both L1 and L2 bands
Improved frequency selectivity and signal conditioning provided by the on-board LNAs + SAWs for both bands
*RTK capability


The mRo u-Blox ZED-F9 RTK L1/L2 GPS is compatible with the following firmware:


  • Arducopter 4.x
  • ArduPlane 4.x
  • ArduRover 4.x


  • V1.10
  • V1.9
  • V1.8

Usage Guide

The GPS unit ships pre-configrued to work with Ardupilot/PX4 software out of the box if connected to the dedicated GPS port on any of their supported autopilot boards.

If the parameters of the u-Blox ZED-F9P module need to be modified for your use case please download u-Blox’s u-center software and refer to its datasheets and usage guides to do so.


All connectors follow the Dronecode connector standards. Unless noted otherwise, all connectors are JST-GH.



u-Blox UART + I²C

Pin Color Signal TTL/Voltage Level
1 red VCC 5V
2 black RX 3V3
3 black TX 3V3
4 black I2C_SCL 3V3
5 black I2C_SDA 3V3
6 black GND N/A


Pin Color Signal TTL/Voltage Level
1 red VCC 5V
2 black RX 3V3
3 black TX 3V3
4 black x N/A
5 black x N/A
6 black GND N/A

x means not connected.


ZED-F9P USB port.


Download 3D Model