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Customer Information Disclosure Disclaimer

By purchasing goods from 3DR, Inc , the customer acknowledges and agrees that the seller, engaged in lawful business in the United States, reserves the right to request information regarding the final user of the goods.

Customers should be prepared to provide such information upon request, including but not limited to submitting BIS (Bureau of Industry and Security) forms or any other relevant documentation.

This information may be required to ensure compliance with applicable laws and regulations, verify the intended use of the goods, and maintain transparency in business transactions. Failure to provide requested information in a timely manner may result in delays or cancellation of the transaction at the discretion of the seller.

Customers understand that providing accurate and complete information is essential for regulatory compliance and the lawful importation of goods.

The seller is committed to safeguarding the integrity of its operations and complying with all relevant legal requirements.

By proceeding with the purchase, the customer agrees to cooperate with the seller in providing any necessary information and understands that refusal to do so may affect the processing of their order.

For inquiries or further information regarding customer information disclosure, please contact