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WiFi Module V1.0 ESP8266 - M10017 hwrev


The mRo WiFi radio is developed around the very popular ESP8266 module used in many IoT projects. The mRo WiFi module V1.0 comes with a standard JST-GH, allowing you to establish a UDP connection with your computer or mobile device and use mobile ground stations.

Comes with the latest Ardupilot ESP8266 firmware developed by Andrew Tridge. This new firmware has a nice web interface, MavLink2 support, and an easier way to do future updates via the web interface.

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Normal Usage

If connected to Serial1/Telem1 these parameters should be set on the autopilot (if using another telemetry port, replace the “1” in the parameter name with the telemetry port’s number):

If you have problems connecting, it may help to set BRD_SER1_RTSCTS = 0 to disable flow control although this is not normally necessary


Pin Signal Volt
1 (Red) VCC in 5V
2 (Blk) ESP RXD 3.3V
3 (Blk) ESP TXD 3.3V
4 (Blk) NC NA
5 (Blk) NC NA
6 (Blk) GND GND